Week Three – Growth Mindset, Emotional Eating…

Week Three – Thirty Day Reset

This week continue to plan out your food and track when you need. I will continue to post the Monday to Friday daily reminders on the Facebook page - I hope these are helping you reflect and embed healthy behaviours.

This week we are starting to dig a bit deeper into our behaviours.

We are looking at our behaviour linked to our nutrition: Why do we eat what we do? What is your relationship with your nutrition?

This is where the sustainable lifestyle behaviours start to become embedded. We can know everything about calorie counting and macros but if we don't take time to think about our relationship with food then we are not going to change.

There are a few blogs and videos to watch throughout the week - take them one by one and let me know how you find them and what they mean to you.

Click the links to read and watch:

1. An Intro to Emotional Eating (video in blog)

2. Emotional Eating and Habits 

3. Mindful Eating (video in blog)

4. Restrict Binge Restrict Binge (video in blog)

5. Operation Snack (video in blog)

This week, take some time out to reflect on your relationship with food?

What is working well? Is there anything that you need some support to change?

I will post some more later on this week too 🙂


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