Operation Snack!

‘Operation Snack’

This came about on the May Thirty Day Reset and I wanted to share it with you!

It seems that snacking is a habit for many of us which needs to be taken control of.
Who would like to join me in ‘Operation Snack’?
For the rest of this week....(or try for a few days anyway and maybe you might continue)
✅mindful snacking only (not mindlessly picking away when you are not actually hungry)
✅no snacking after 8pm
Feel free to post ‘snack posts’ to help each other and to change behaviour! Use the hashtag - operationsnack
If we are eating, three decent meals a day we shouldn’t actually need to snack that much, but we get into a habit of ‘needing’ to.
I’m in. Are you? 🤩

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