Non Scale Victories

My focus as a trainer, a coach is to support my clients to become fitter, stronger and healthier.

The reason why we exercise and are considered in our eating is so important. Most of the chronic diseases that plague our society can be prevented (and also managed and improved) by living a healthier lifestyle. More specifically, clinical evidence shows that around 80% of all chronic disease occurring in the Developed World (such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, strokes and many forms of cancer to name but a few) have their origin in poor lifestyle behaviours.

In the journey of fitness and wellbeing, many have a goal of 'weight loss' but my biggest advice would be to take note of the non-scale victories as you go.

It is so easy to get caught up in the numbers on the scale, but there’s a danger in depending solely on the scales for feedback as these can fluctuate daily. The scales will show you what you have lost in kilograms but will not show you everything you have gained.

Here is a fictional discussion with a client. Spot the non-scale victories...

Me: How has the week been for you?
Client: I’ve been eating really well and made much better choices. Through tracking my food, I have been aware of eating more protein and realised that I had very little in my diet. From tracking, I am now more knowledgeable about the calorie content of foods - I now stop myself from eating a pack of custard creams as I sit at my desk.
I’ve also started eating more fruit and veg as snacks as well as for my meals.

Me: Have been able to be physically active? Last week, you were worried about fitting it in.
Client: Yes, I have been getting in more steps - at least four days were over 10,000 steps. I realise now that I was probably sometimes struggling to reach 4000 most days. I now go for a walk in the morning before work or maybe at lunch and sometimes in the evening. I also managed to fit in two zoom sessions this week - one was recorded and one was live. So, with this PT session, I’m way more physically active.

Me: How do you feel in yourself?
Client: I feel so much more energised. I have been pretty sore some days from the workouts but this hasn’t stopped me. I have so much more energy which means that I move more. I feel happier - generally more positive about life.
Also, I am sleeping better - it used to take me ages to get to sleep. I’ve used the ‘headspace’ app that you recommended which has helped to slow me to calm my thoughts as I wind down to sleep.

Me: You wanted to prioritise yourself more this week. How did that go?
Client: Yes, I made time for me to exercise, I planned my meals to fit with the family - I was able to prioritise my health and well-being. But at the same time, as I felt better and more organised I had more time to spend with the family and I caught up with some of my girl friends. So, yes, this is an ongoing priority.

Me: Anything else worked well for you this week?
Client: Yes, I put on my shorts and I am going to wear the shorts....

All the above is fictional but could very well be many of my clients.
No mention of the scales but see how many non scale victories there are in this conversation! Recognise your non scale victories - they count.

You can also see my thoughts about the scales, here, Dear Scales...

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