Just my Wednesday night thoughts about scales...with an attempt at a poem for the 'Scales' (which does not rhyme!)

I know most like the scales. I get that - I really do. This is just to encourage to use other forms of measurement too...x

What motivates you?
Is it the scales? I know I have said this again and again, BUT the scales do not tell us the full story.
Yes, it can be a great starting point but it can also make us feel stressed out!
I would say that 8/10 people that I meet tell me that they want to lose X lbs / kg - and I know straight away that they have a windy road ahead.
For those that want to feel fitter and stronger, I know that they are going to succeed.
Make the action the goal, what you want to be able to do be the goal.....and if it needs to be part of the picture, let the weight be part of the outcome.
Why do I have such issues with the scales?
The scales don't tell me the flights of stairs you can now walk without having knee pain or getting out of breath, the scales don't tell me that you can lug the shopping in and out of the car without twinging your back or that you could spend the morning in the garden digging and feel strong and empowered.
You tell me these things. This is progress. This is fitness, health and strength embodied through your actions and hard work.
Be strong. Be fit. Nourish your body.
My Message TO The Scales
You tell me how much I weigh on any given day at any given time.
You don't tell me how far I can walk, jog or run.
You don't tell me how many squats or push ups or how long I hold the plank for.
You can be impacted by inflammation and food still left to be processed and disposed of.
You go up and down like a yoyo in line with my menstrual cycle.
You are unpredicatable and will fluctuate daily, not to mention even hourly.
You don't seem to realise that I have nourished my body with protein, fruits and veg and plant based food.
Do you actually know my body recomposition?
Do you actually realise that you stay the same while amazing body recomposition results are happening?
When I know I am leaner, why do you tell me that I have gain 2lbs - is this muscle? You need to tell me.
I have decided to use you as a tool, a support bystander as and when I want to.
I am going to use my eyes to track my progress.
I am going to use my clothes to see how lean I am becoming.
I am going to put you in a cupboard and just get you out now and again when I feel the need,
Because as much as I say “I want to lose weight” all I really want is to lose fat and feel FITTER, STRONGER and HEALTHIER.
Sorry scales, but as a tool to track my fat loss and my increase in muscle, you just don't work 🙁
Final note:
Be kind to yourself. Indulge yourself in what you are achieving.

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