You said…I did!

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Here are the results of the survey completed in March 2021.


You said. I did.

I have had a great response to the Customer Satisfaction Survey - 30 responses so far. The survey was sent to 100+ active customers so hopefully there may be some more after this reminder.

I have combined some of the questions together and have put together some answers below.
I have been able to gather some really informative feedback -  a lot of extremely positive point and also points to go forward with.


Responses to suggestions:

Q. Please can we have some new recorded workouts on the member's area:
A. I just added a 'HIIT 30' to the HIIT sessions on the member's area. I will continue to record and add sessions.

Q. Can the member's area be easier to find?
A. I have just created a link on the front page of the website. The password is smile. If you have any problems in getting in then please let me know.

Q. Please can we have a Stretch and Relax?
A.If you scroll down then you can find Stretch and Relax here too (or click here... I have added in a Stretch and Relax in for Sunday 4th April, 8pm £6.50 drop in or part of your membership -

Q. Can we have a HIIT on a Tuesday?
A. On a Tuesday, I run Fitball at 9:15am and then in the evening I am running Personal Training sessions so Tuesday has always been the given 'rest' day from HIIT unless people would like to use the member's area or Trainerize. If you are struggling for ideas on a Tuesday, then let me know and I can help.

Q. Can we have monthly catch ups?
Yes - sure! Just get in touch and we will set a date. I have put in some catch up slots on to Team Up for the last Thursday of the month. I love catching up with you as individuals so please do contact me or book in for the last Thursday of the month.

Q. You sometimes talk too fast and go too quickly.
A.Sorry - I do tend to get a bit over excited at times! I am trying to cater for all levels and do try to give alternatives for everyone. Please contact me after a session if you have found it too quick or exercises were not right for you - it really helps me if I know how you are getting on. I have started to repeat exercises more within the workout so that it is easier to follow.

Q. I would like to continue with 1 x Zoom and 1 x In house Gym session with my membership - can this be done?
A.This is what I am hoping will happen, but I cannot run a gym session and a zoom session both around 9am so the gym sessions may need to be slightly later in the day.

Q. I really would like to continue the early morning sessions on Zoom, will this happen?
A. I plan to continue the Mon and Wed sessions on Zoom until people no longer want them.
There are more. but these are enough for one day! I will continue to add....there are lots of positives too 🙂

K x

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