Vik’s journey so far…

Vik's Journey So Far...

Walking to running, weight loss and feeling fitter, stronger and healthier.

Vik started with Paired Personal Training, joined in with the Thirty Day Reset and is now active throughout the week with dog walking with a friend, running following the Couch to 5k, HIIT sessions and is feeling great from it - with a loss of 2.5 stone!
Vik has improved her diet by increasing protein, being aware of what she eats in cutting out the processed foods. Vik plans her food ahead of the week and creates her shopping list accordingly.
For Vik, this was more than just weight loss. It was about the journey in feeling fitter, stronger and healthier. After we finished the recording, Vik was reflecting on this with me - how this was sustainable as fitness/ exercise had been a non negotiable as part of her week - more holistic, everything in together.
Vik has had super support from family and friends who have played a massive part in supporting her throughout this journey.
Keep going, Vik!
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