Sustainable or Quick Fix?

There has been lots of chat recently about Sustainable Healthy Lifestyles vs Quick Fixes.

I wish I could put you all in a room at the same time and share your thoughts - as everyone’s experiences are so interesting. There is a time and a place for a quick fix, but it literally is that - a quick fix - not the longer term result that we all want. Here is my blurb about sustainability whilst on a dog 🐾 walk with Archie. He was not interested at all in what I had to say but hopefully it may reach out to some of you, to help you consider the quick fix vs the sustainable 80:20 living.

I’d love to hear from you….

Have you tried a quick fix? What was it and did it work for you? Did it have lasting effects?

How do you strive to have a sustainable healthy Lidl lifestyle? What works for you and what are the results?

Kirsty x Have a listen…’s 4 mins 20 secs long.

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