Kirsty helped me and enabled me to lose 21 pounds for my wedding..

Kirsty is one of the kindest people I know! I was totally lacking confidence in my appearance and my ability when I first started over a year ago. Kirsty listens to your goals, but also gives you the confidence to think you’re beautiful and perfect the way you are through every session! I have never felt more confident than what I do now and I have so many more positive thoughts about myself. My attitude has changed for trying new things and I have never felt stronger or fitter than when I’m in the training room with Kirsty (even though I’m practically crawling to the next activity 🙈). Kirsty helped me with my goals and enabled me to lose 21 pounds for my wedding – although I think Kirsty was just as nervous as me to see if the dress fitted! And it did! Kirsty, you are AMAZING and are such a beautiful person 😘😘


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