Is your lifestyle choice potentially shortening your life?

Through working as a Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Coach, I meet people day after day who are trying to get the balance in their lives of exercise and feeding their mind and body well.

The alleviation of physical and mental illnesss and suffering is, and always will be, at the very core of what I do aim to do. To support people in getting back into a balanced routine.

Prevention is key.

The reason why we exercise and are considered in our eating is so important. Most of the chronic diseases that plague our society can be prevented (and also managed and improved) by living a healthier lifestyle. More specifically, clinical evidence shows that around 80% of all chronic disease occurring in the Developed World (such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, strokes and many forms of cancer to name but a few) have their origin in poor lifestyle behaviours.

The Trilogy of Killers

The key lifestyle behaviours are sometimes referred to as the “Trilogy of Killers:”

1. Poor diet/obesity/being over-weight

2. Unmanaged stress

3. Insufficient physical movement

These “Trilogy of Killers” are not to be taken lightly; it is believed that fewer than 1 in 10,000 people die of old age.

The vast majority of us sicken and die prematurely, picked off by largely preventable diseases long before our biological lifespan has run its course.

The good news, however, is that cutting edge research clearly shows that by implementing simple and sustainable preventative lifestyle interventions, we can drastically reduce our chances of falling prey to these Trilogy of Killers.

Take a moment to reflect on how this affects you and where you are.

Do you feel happy in the balance of where you are or do you need to make a change?

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