Hannah’s Words

Through a recommendation from a friend, I tried Kirsty’s fitball session for the first time a year and half ago. Needless to say that I really enjoyed it as I have been going ever since. It gave me the time that I needed to concentrate on my core and work on strengthening my muscles. I have always been a keen sportswomen and have played a variety of sports throughout my life but after having my 2 children and working full time, time for me, time for exercise was mainly a longer run at the weekend and if I could fit one in during the week then it was a bonus. Going to fitball every week, gave me a purpose and I very quickly started to see and feel the effects of the class. I felt stronger. The guided relaxation at the end is amazing too – in the end I found myself prioritising my Thursday session above working in the evening and for me that is a massive win. Kirsty is fantastic. She listens. She listens to how you feel, she listens to what you want and she makes you feel like you are her one priority! She’s kind, caring, motivating and knows when to push you and when to support. I feel stronger. I feel fitter. I feel better – both about my exercise capabilities and about my body shape. Thank you

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