Do we need to be 100% one thing or the other?


In the world of fitness and wellbeing, very often it is one way or the other. For example, you are either a vegetarian or not OR you follow intermittent fasting or not OR you attend pilates or crossfit OR you body build or you run.

However, would it help to maybe relax the rules a litte. Can we not dip in out as we need to?

Would it help you, if you followed a high protein diet in the week and then at the weekend relaxed the 'rules' when socialising OR maybe you ate a low carb diet in the week and then at the weekend you didn't. It does not need to be related to just food.

For those who just do cardio training, do you think it would help you to dip in and out of some resistance training now and then to get the benefits of it - and vice versa - those who just resistance train maybe add some cardio into your week. There are benefits for both but often we choose one or the other.

For those who are starting out in exercise - maybe just start off with one session a week - you don't need to go all in for three sessions a week when you start.

Being able to dip in out is about finding your balance.

Finding what is sustainable for you.

For those who are on an extreme - it is usually very hard to sustain without burnout of motivation or your body cannot withstand any more - this is for those on extreme fitness plans as well as extreme diets.

Is there a half-way house?

I was chatting to a friend about an extreme high protein diet which they were on in which they lost weight but they have kept in some of the principles of the diet - that is a 'win' as a sustainable lifestyle habit has been created. They dipped in and kept some when they dipped out.

Find what works for you.

What is right for you may not be right for someone else.

Challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone to maybe add something new in that is going to enrich your fitness and wellbeing or maybe you need to challenge yourself by cutting something out.

What are your thoughts? Do we need to be 100% on something or can we dip in and out to make it work for us to create those sustainable lifestyle habits,



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