Infinite Balance

Personal Training, Group Exercise and Online Fitness and Wellbeing Programmes.

In 2018, 'Infinite Balance' was created by Kirsty Ellson, with the background support of Kirsty's husband, Simon and children, Caitlin and Matthew - and of course, Archie, the Border Terrier!

Kirsty welcomes, supports and encourages every one of the members of Infinite Balance. The members are very much integral to the journey of the business and as a team of client and manager, a vibrant environment and community focused on health, happiness and wellbeing has evolved.

Infinite Balance is based in Hatherley, Cheltenham and provides a safe, calm and welcoming space for people to  strengthen, to improve their aerobic fitness and to stretch and to relax.






Who leads the sessions? Kirsty is the one at the front face of the business and who you will be working with:
What people say:

Kirsty is that fabulous balance of inspiring, motivational and welcoming. Kirsty takes the time to get to know you and adapt to you personally; understanding what is hard or new for your body. Your sessions will be varied and dynamic with her voice of encouragement in the background - as you push myself to new limits (but in the comfort of my own home).

Kirsty listens to your goals, and gives you the confidence to set the goals you really want but feel trepidation in doing so. Then she will be with you every step of the way to reach those goals. After a few weeks, and by committing to the sessions, you will start to feel stronger and fitter and you will meet those weight loss goals and fit into that special outfit.


Kirsty has a Level 3 Award in Personal Training - she is able to design and deliver exercise programmes for a range of  individuals and has additional qualifications of 'GP Referral',  'Active Ageing' and 'Pre / Post Natal ' to support special populations such as young people, older people, antenatal and postnatal women.

Kirsty also has a Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity Certificate and is well equipped to provide you with the knowledge and skills to enable you to give nutritional and weight management advice to clients.

Kirsty is an active member of Lift The Bar, a Career Development Group for Personal Trainers where she has completed courses in areas such a planning sessions, nutrition, menopause and fitness, listening and speaking skills, setting up webinars and so on. This keeps Kirsty's knowledge up to date and gains great insight from other Personal Trainers sharing good practice.

Kirsty has been passionate about fitness and wellbeing since a young age, running for the local running club, Bideford Blues AAC since she was 11 years old and subsequently for the Devon County for both Athletics and Cross Country for a number of years until she was a young adult. As a young teenager, Kirsty was also an avid dinghy sailor, netball player and hill walker.

Kirsty studied BSc Sports and Exercise Science with Psychology and then went on to complete Physical Education PGCE.  After a few years, and a yearning to develop P.E within the Primary School sector, Kirsty converted to become a Primary School Teacher. Kirsty was always very involved in the sports of the schools she was at, but loved teaching the Primary Phase and became a Deputy Head teacher.

After having her second child in 2010, Kirsty took a break from teaching and completed her Personal Training qualification and started to work as a Personal Trainer for the next three and a half years in a Studio in the heart of Cheltenham with some experienced and supportive Personal Trainers who she was able to develop her craft alongside.


In 2015, after a return to teaching, Kirsty started to suffer from extreme tiredness and had symptoms of blinding headaches, memory impairment and more. A year later, she was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) - a long-term illness with a wide range of symptoms. This changed the way in which Kirsty worked. She became much more aware of the need for balance in people's lives and thus, she said goodbye to teaching and came back to the world of fitness and wellbeing and 'Infinite Balance' was created. Kirsty has never looked back - every day she looks forward to support people in finding their balance of their physical, mental and nutritional wellbeing.

During COVID-19, Kirsty has took her business online to keep her clients safe but able to continue to exercise and keep their balance of life. Online Fitness Sessions are still running as clients like the convenience of being able to workout at home and at £39.99 per month they have access to 100s of recorded sessions as well as timetable live sessions per week.

Personal Training and Paired Training sessions take place in Kirsty's private studio as in person sessions - this can also be delivered online.

In 2020, Kirsty introduced Trainerize to Infinite Balance - an app to share training programs which is delivered in a range of ways - beginner programs, group program and individual programs.

The Reset Program, is a six week program to support you in prioritising your Fitness and Wellbeing.

Kirsty would love to meet you and see how she can help you...

Weightloss. Improve your fitness lifestyle. Be aware of what you are eating.

Small changes towards mind and body lead to BIG results....        .


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  1. Pirjo on May 23, 2020 at 11:27 am

    Lovely , frank almost mini autobiography Kirsty . We all love you , you have become part of our everyday lives .💕💕

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