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Join the Summer Shine Wellness Challenge! ✨ Ignite your glow and embrace a healthier, happier you with our 8-week journey! 🌞💪 Dive into a holistic approach that covers nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, and strength.

Kickstart your journey with a personalised touch! Begin with a one-on-one check-in with Kirsty to define your goals and tailor your program to your unique needs. Get ready to set yourself up for success and make your wellness dreams a reality.

🥗 Nourish Your Body: Revitalise your eating habits with delicious, nourishing meals that fuel your body and mind.

💃 Energise Your Lifestyle: Infuse your days with vitality by embracing positive habits and practices that uplift your spirit.

🏋️‍♀️ Boost Your Fitness: Dive into invigorating workouts designed to strengthen your body and ignite your passion for movement.

💪 Unleash Your Strength: Discover the power within as you build muscle, improve endurance, and enhance your overall fitness.

👥 Group Challenge, Individual Goals: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals on the journey to wellness. Set your own personal goals and celebrate your progress alongside fellow challengers!

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Hi, I am Kirsty and I am so glad you are here. I'm the founder of Infinite Balance Fitness - a service providing you support for your fitness and your wellbeing. We offer Personal Training, Small Group Training of up to 4 ladies, Fitball and TRX classes, The Reset programs and our Infinite Balance Training App.

Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, with a passion to support and guide people like you in navigating their way to find that healthy balance with their physical, nutritional and emotional wellbeing. Options for 'in person', 'online' or programming through our Training App.

Whether your goal is weight loss, body strengthening, toning up, feeling more energised and so much more - I can help you.

We will work together to help YOU to prioritise yourself and ensure you feel
fitter, stronger and energised...

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The Infinite Balance Training App is designed to provide you challenging, effective and time efficient workouts for all fitness levels with minimal equipment.


Take Your First Step Towards a Stronger, Healthier and Energised You. One to One Personal Training sessions with Kirsty.


A SIX WEEK PROGRAM to support you in prioritising your Nutrition, Fitness and Wellbeing.


l have been attending Infinite Balance since September 2018. Every session is different, a complete body workout . Sometimes it can be challenging, but if you put in the work , you will get the results.
Best of all Kirsty is always there, be it in her studio or Studio 10, to encourage, motivate and support you. Kirsty’s approach to fitness is holistic - she is focussed on your physical, mental and nutritional health and this is also supported through workshops.
Since attending Infinite Balance I am feeling fitter, stronger and happier with the way I look. I have lost 15 kilos of weight and have more energy. I recommend Kirsty to anybody wanting to improve their physical and psychological wellbeing. The first step is the hardest, you will not regret it.
Pirjo, 68

I was looking for a way to get fitter and feel stronger without having to go to a scary gym - then I found Infinite Balance. The small Group Training sessions are like having the benefit of a personal trainer with a lovely bunch of like-minded people.

Everyone is welcoming and supportive and are there to feel better about themselves, physically and mentally. Kirsty encourages a variety of different training methods to keep it interesting and help develop functional fitness.

Just come and try, you won't look back.

Rosie, 45

If you are new to fitness or even a fanatic, I would recommend Infinite balance. The services on offer are varied. From 1 to 1 personal training sessions to small friendly group sessions to Fitball to TRX and then the amazing stretch and relax sessions.
Working with Kirsty has motivated and inspired me to get back into exercise and good nutritional habits and most importantly, I have enjoyed doing so.

Kirsty will work with you to set and achieve goals. My sessions are always interesting and varied. It’s all set in a private studio which is welcoming and friendly and never judgemental.

Mari, 32

Kirsty is brilliant, always positive, always upbeat and an excellent trainer. I've been training with her for just over 2 years. I was 59 when I started, and whilst I was fortunate not to look my age, and played cricket (which I still do) I knew I wasn't fit. I wasn't a fan of gyms, and didn't run. I'm now running regularly, doing 5K in 30 minutes, and see Kirsty every week.
My stamina is better, my bowling arm is stronger because both my biceps and triceps are stronger, and my overall fitness is significantly improved along with recovery time. Kirsty pushes me, but is also empathic, supportive and understanding. She will adapt sessions when necessary - eg after I damaged my achilles tendon, or when I was experiencing a challenging time at work and needed stretching and movement rather than weights and strengthening. I genuinely can't recommend Kirsty highly enough.
Chris, 61

I have been going to infinite balance for a few months now and after a dubious start due to having a new baby and a knee injury I am really enjoying exercising again. Not only does Kirsty create an environment that makes me feel at ease with my body she tailor makes my fitness sessions every week so that I am pushing my body to it’s best abilities without causing strain on my knee.

I am now looking at exercise in a completely different way and see it as ‘me time!’ away from the hectic daily mum and work routines and not a chore.

Jemma, 28

Kirsty's knowledge about how to stay fit and healthy is only matched by her enthusiasm and warmth.

The room is so cosy and welcoming and she pitches it perfectly to each individual.

Her happiness is contagious and her care generous and genuine.

Kirsten, 48

IB and Kirsty have made exercise a routine part of my weekly habit, it had shown me that regular exercise doesn't have to be a chore but can be enjoyable and that pushing yourself just a little bit every time rewards you in ways you can't imagine!

Kirsty's positive influence has literally changed my life. Last month I got myself a new job and that wouldn't have happened without the IB family showing me that it's up to me but I can do it and I don't have to stick with the status quo.

Corinne, 46

Kirsty is an outstanding trainer and has helped me to transform my strength and fitness in the past couple of years. Although lots of Kirsty's clients are female, she has gone the extra mile to find ways to motivate me and to devise ways around a range of 'middle-aged man' injuries that might otherwise stop someone training regularly and effectively.

Kirsty has great expertise but is also kind and funny and very easy to work with. She focuses on the needs of the client and finds creative ways to solve problems and help people stay on track and positive. I would recommend Kirsty to anyone looking for support with their health, fitness or wellbeing.

Andy, 55

infinite balance-128

There are 3 things I do know...

  • Exercise and eating nutritionally well contributes to your overall happiness.

  • Nobody else can DO IT for you.

  • The longer you leave it the further you are away from your goal.

You've got a choice!

  • Spend hours searching for the perfect fitness plan

  • Work with me and I'll keep it simple and fast track the process

Who knows..... maybe you will actually enjoy it after all 🙂

I hope to hear from you soon,


What is special about Infinite Balance?


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