Hopefully you are visiting this page as you are currently attending our sessions and are about to book in
maybe you are finding out more about what I can offer you
maybe you are having a sneak peek as currently thinking about doing something but not sure where to start?
I support the complete beginner to the seasoned fitness enthusiast - get in touch with me for a chat and I can support you in making your decisions. Here is some more information for you...
Our Small Group Personal Training sessions cater for those who wish to get the benefits of a Personal Trainer but are happy to train in a small group.
Sessions run throughout the week and there are a variety of time slots to choose from.  Most clients choose to sign up to a monthly
pass which allows them to reserve a weekly slot.
We have two different types of Small Group Personal Training - we have the Cardio / Strengthening sessions and also Fitball Body Conditioning - a low impact, mat based, body strengthening sessions.
The training in the small group sessions involves using the 'cardio' equipment and free weights - you will be supported throughout with technique to ensure you get the most out of every exercise. For lockdown, we are focusing on Body Weight exercises which can be enhanced by adding in weights and bands.
The sessions are welcoming and friendly. All abilities can work within the same group - we pride ourselves on creating challenging workouts that meet the needs of all in the group.

Lockdown 2 Timetable

Strengthening / Cardio Group sessions
Monday 9am, 12:30pm, 6:30pm
Wednesday 9:15am (this is an added extra for the November lockdown)
Thursday 10:15am, 6:45pm
Friday 9am
Fitball Body Conditioning (you need a ball!)

Tuesday 9 am

Friday 1:30pm **


🌟Bronze membership- £19.99 for 4 x Zoom sessions for the month of November (this is usually a virtual membership so this gives you some contact time - of sorts - via zoom!).
🌟Silver membership- £39.99 for 6 x Zoom sessions for the month of November (plus Friday Fitball)
🌟Gold membership - £64.99 for unlimited Zoom sessions for the month of November/ lockdown / while gym is closed.
**Lockdown Extra - Fitball on a Friday at 1:30pm does not count as part of the allowance as this is on Zoom anyway, so this can be used every week - e.g. Silver members can attend 6 group sessions a month plus Friday 1:30pm Fitball.
All memberships can be purchased on the booking portal below.
All classes can be booked on the booking portal below.

This is our booking site. We use 'Team Up' as the platform for all of our bookings. Group sessions are shown below and Paired / Personal Training sessions are shared between Kirsty, the trainer, and the client.

Please contact me if you have any questions,