We will evolve. We will adapt.

This place ❤️❤️....the little hub of my business...but since COVID-19 we have adapted and evolved. In-app group chats and Facebook groups have been used instead of face to face sessions. Virtual ‘live’ sessions have replaced the small group, fitball and Personal Training sessions. We have an online training programme - which has become personal yet group led and interactive. We now have well-being workshops. It’s goes on...
Who knows how long we will continue like this for....but we are all doing it and continuing to strive for those personal goals.
Infinite Balance has grown in so many ways in this time, and will continue to do so - as @pinpointingpotential says - it’s all about the resilience.... #resilience #evolveadaptgrow #thisgirlcan #fitnessmotivation #bodyweightworkout #onlineprogramme

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