28 Days of Movement – Review

Oh my goodness, you are an absolutely amazing teacher, mentor and motivation !! You have got me out of my rut! I love feeling fit again!! Thank you!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Last night was brilliant. It was so interesting to hear the science behind the daily exercises on Trainerize! Really interesting amd the simple run, strength and run etc... throughout the week.

Thank you so much, feeling very motivated and mentally strong and happy! Totally committed and a Kirsty client 🤩🙏🏻🙌🏼🤣 xxxxxxx

Thank you!’

Last night, I held a talk and talked through my running journey - from the age of 11 and added in what I have learnt along the way. Today, I received this wonderful message from @spenley!

Angela has been on the fence in starting out with exercise - then a couple of months ago, Anglela decided to jump in and go for it! We started with a couple of PT sessions then Angela joined in with the zoom sessions, started with a programme on Trainerize with our ‘28 days of movement’ challenge and she has not looked back!

Angela turns up with a beaming smile every Mon and Wed for our early morning workouts - and she then completes her workouts on our training app in her home gym. Amazing!

I am blown away by @spenley! Angela - you have completely taken the exercise and nutrition by the horns, you have made a change to your whole lifestyle and I love how you are now reaping the benefits. This post can’t go amiss with the mention of your supportive fiancé, Simon and pupster, Hector.

Now, she has a wedding to look forward to as our lockdown roadmap allows. How exciting!

@spenley keep loving it and doing what you are doing - big ❤️ and high five 🙌!

I am sure there are lots of hashtags that could be used for this! Lol.

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