Spice It Up!

Spice It Up! Workout Challenge

Here goes....here are 10 exercises for you.
🥵Squat jump to 1/2 burpee
💕Lunge jumps (or squat jumps if you prefer)
🌟Plank to twist (on knees if needed)
😘Reverse lunge (add in a weight?)
😇Mountain climb to squat jump (or just Mtn climb if needed)
👍Plank shoulder tap, hip tap then either a knee or foot tap (the wider the base the steadier you will be)
😣Single leg tap back and forward hip flex (add in a weight and a shoulder press?)
🥳Mountain climber - slow - take knee in and hold and then take in again.
👌Squat in and out (either jump or walk in and out and add a weight to tap the floor)
🤩Plank knee drive and Glute lift.
But here is the twist....
Feeling energetic? Complete 40 of each exercise, then 30 of each and then 20 of each.
Feeling a bit mediocre but want to get a sweat on? Complete 30 of each exercise, then 20 of each and then 10 of each.
Don’t want to count?! Then complete each exercise for 45 seconds twice (you could download a Tabata timer for free ⏱ - I am sure you would love to have yet another app from me!)
BUT - I need to know that you are doing it! So, comment below or tag Infinite Balance in a Facebook/ instagram story with a picture of you or something to do with your workout or maybe a time lapse.
I wonder how many people we can get to do this workout 🏋🏼‍♀️
Big love to y’all!

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