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Transform your health and fitness journey with me, Kirsty Ellson, your dedicated personal trainer and nutrition and lifestyle coach. Based in Cheltenham, I specialise in helping you achieve your wellness goals, from weight loss and strength building to increased energy and overall well-being. With personalised training plans and expert guidance, I am committed to supporting you every step of the way. Start prioritising yourself and unlock your potential for a fitter, stronger, and more energised life.

Together, we'll prioritise your well-being, ensuring you feel fitter, stronger, and more energised.

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Kirsty is completely brilliant! I cannot sing her praises enough, she tailors everything just for ME and what I’m trying to achieve. She has given me confidence and inspiration without ever putting me under any pressure! My personal training sessions have become one of the unmissable things in my week.
I’m also starting to see some great results and feeling fitter, more focused and most importantly positive!



Training with Kirsty has made a demonstrable difference in my strength and overall fitness. I feel much stronger in my body and more motivated to make better health and nutritional choices. She goes above and beyond to make sure I am supported in continuing my fitness training outside her classes. She’s super lovely and cares passionately about her clients.



I found Kirsty when looking for help recovering from recurrent injuries. A former gym bunny, class addict & runner I had reached a point where I’d completely lost confidence & motivation whilst gaining weight.
Since working with Kirsty my fitness has improved massively as has my strength and stamina. Every session is different, no time to get bored, yet Kirsty will adapt any exercise to accommodate niggles without missing a beat, her knowledge is so in depth. Kirsty’s offering is not only supportive but uniquely holistic and the community she fosters is warm and welcoming. I’m not easily impressed, but Kirsty genuinely deserves the positive reviews that finally swayed me!
- Andrea
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There are 3 things I do know...

  • Exercise and eating nutritionally well contributes to your overall happiness.

  • Nobody else can DO IT for you.

  • The longer you leave it the further you are away from your goal.

You've got a choice!

  • Spend hours searching for the perfect fitness plan

  • Work with me and I'll keep it simple and fast track the process

Who knows..... maybe you will actually enjoy it after all 🙂

I hope to hear from you soon,


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