Stretch and Relax





A workshop to de-stress and unwind tight muscles using a combination of stretching to calm the body and mind.

This workshop takes place on the first Sunday of every month, 7:15pm to 9pm.

For clients who have sessions on credit with Infinite Balance, this session will be the cost of one session plus £5 supplement fee.

What people say…

“Stretch and Relax is just the BEST way to completely unwind and have two blissful hours to completely concentrate on you! The combination of stretches and gentle movements releases tension all over the body and Kirsty’s guided relaxation throughout is just amazing! I leave feeling completely rejuvenated. Would highly recommend. ”  (Katherine)

The perfect way to release tension from the body and mind, Kirsty gives you the guidance which enables you to completely unwind” . (Shelley)

“Stretch and relax does exactly as it says on the tin. I usually arrive in a whirlwind of chaos and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Kirsty creates a cosy and welcoming space in which stretch and relax takes place. It is set to chilled music and lovely relaxing aromas, you even get a choice of yummy herbal teas to enjoy. It’s the perfect opportunity to take some time out and concentrate on yourself without feeling any of the usual guilt.” (Mari)

“Stretch and Relax is the perfect Sunday night relaxation. Time to slow down, reflect and practice being mindful…and then to walk away feeling like you are floating. A great way to start the month.”  (Bethany)

“I train with Kirsty 1-2 times a week. Stretch and relax is an opportunity to focus on perfecting stretching techniques and spending more time on each movement. I have been taught relaxation techniques for use outside of these sessions. It is so tranquil. The combination of the lighting, music and Kirstys relaxing tone of voice really had me feeling as though I was sinking into the floor I was so relaxed!” (Pirjo)

This is April workshop will be based around our wellbeing – ‘finding the balance’ led by Kirsty.

19:15 Workshop – Finding the Balance
This workshop will allow us time to focus on factors which affect our wellbeing and what we can put in place to look after ourselves.
19:45 Stretch and mobility using the foam rollers, bands, partner and wall assisted stretching.
20:45 Guided Relaxation
21:00 Close of the session

A workshop to de-stress and un-wind tight muscles using a combination of stretching to calm the body and mind. Maximum 8 persons.

  • Learn about the benefits of a warm up and cool down routine.
  • A fusion of gentle stretching exercises, our Stretch and Relax workshop will show you how to perform a series of stretches and breathing exercises – sometimes using a partner to extend the stretch.
  • Trigger point release using the foam roller.
  • Extended stretching using resistance bands.
  • Guided relaxation
  • The workshop is set to relaxing music, creating an environment of peace and calm.

We run these workshops on the first or second Sunday of the month.

Time: 19:15 – 21:00