The '21 Day Challenge'

Sometimes we just need to step back and take control of what we are putting into our body!

If you feel this is where you are now, then have a go at this ‘21 Day Challenge’.


What to do:

Choose up to three foods/ drinks / activities which you know you need to have less of. Don’t choose three things that are really hard to give up, only one of these should be challenging as otherwise it will be too hard - you want to be successful on this challenge, don’t set yourself up to fail. Record these in the given table of the attached document.

You can have up to two days off at any time but then you need to start again for behaviour change to take place.

Be Accountable:

Record each day that you manage to complete.

Tell someone / some people that you are doing this challenge.

Ask for support from people around you to avoid temptations.

Be prepared with your food and drink planning so that you are not easily swayed in to the habits you are trying to break.


You CAN do this 🙂

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