What does your 100% purposeful day look like?

This morning when I woke up, I was thinking about 'what would my ideal day' look like? What would my intentions be? I was thinking about the many conversations I have with people about behaviours / habits/ responses to stressors etc..

So, I created notes and a powerpoint, then did a zoom 'speak over' presentation - which failed to upload then had to do it again! My 'purposeful' day of spending an hour on this extended to three hours!

But - I am now thinking about my intentions to be purposeful - to nourish my body, to be active, to consider my sleep/ rest and make time for me.

So, if you have 9 mins - have a listen and let me know in the comments below what this means to you!

Do you have up to 3 foci for you to focus on?

Are you going to post the 'post it' notes? What will they say? Where are they?

It is time to Break The Loop - Pause. Take a breather. Why are we re-visiting X.Y.Z.

Kirsty x



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