Do you feel that you feel tight and stiff when at a desk all day?

Working at a desk can mean a lot of time spent in the same position - quite often with your shoulders hunched forward and your head stooped towards a table which can lead to aches and pains. If you are working from home, you might not have the same set up as you would in the office and you may find that your shoulders, neck and back are feeling strained.

Regular movement will really help the tightness in your neck, shoulders and back as well as productivity of work by giving your mind as well as your body a break.

Book in frequent work breaks to help to get some movement in the day - if you can’t manage steps or strengthening then maybe these mobilising exercises might help. Try these mobilising stretches at your desk or where ever you are sitting to help to encourage movement and mobility around your joints.

What do you do to move during the day?

Do you feel you move enough or is it time to re-evaluated and try to get in some more movement time?

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