St. James C of E Primary School - Let's Move!

Hello there!

Welcome to the Infinite Balance website! I have created this page for the parents and children of St. James' C of E Primary, Cheltenham.

My son, Matthew is currently in Y6 st St. James C of E and currently enjoying his remote learning. He has an older sister, Caitlin, who is now in Y8 at Bournside but also spent her primary years at St. James. Our children have loved their time at St. James and definitely missing all the activity that is part of the St James ethos and curriculum. so, this page has been written as a support to you. If you have anything specific that you would like to see then please let me know.

Please use this page as you would like to. You will find some higher intensity sessions which you can slow down to take out the intensity and also some mobility to ease tension. Please do modify and progress exercises as you need to.

How do I modify (make it easier)? Go slower, less movement, hold on to a chair, take out any jumps.

How do I progress (make it harder)? Deepen the range of movement, speed it up, add weight, add jumps.

I have provided you with some recorded sessions, where you press play and go and also short clips of exercises. For the short clips, you can alter the time and duration of the workout.

Helpful tip: you can download a free 'tabata' timer to a device which will then count you in and down. Suggested timings:

60 seconds work. 15 seconds rest. - change exercise each time. 45 seconds work. 15 seconds rest - complete the same exercise twice. 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest - repeat the same exercise four times.

I am here to support you - please contact me if you would like any support.

If you are looking for Pilates, then I would highly recommend Helen Rackowe Pilates (another St. James parent!).

You can find more workout inspiration on my Instagram page or Facebook page - please do say 'hello' and like, comment on the posts - it gets lonely out there and I always love to know if I can support your fitness journey.



Contact me:


Pre-recorded sessions - press play and follow

Here are some recorded sessions for you - make sure you take it to your own level! These cover lots of fitness levels but please do modify and progress as you need to.

HIIT 30:10 - 52 mins session

For those, that would like to follow a workout, then here you go! The video quality is not the best as it is just myself and my mac - but hey ho - we are all learning to adapt and make the most of what we have.

This is 52 mins long.

HIIT 45:15 - 48 mins session

For those, that would like to follow a workout, then here you go!


Gentle movements for your body and mind.

Your health and your wellbeing is a priority - more so than usual, so, I wanted to offer you some mobility movements to ease any aches and pains – especially if you are sitting more than usual.
Develop the movement by starting with a small range of motion and build up, working with the range of movement your body allows.
Allow yourself to inhale and exhale deeply as you flow within the movement.
Make the movement your own – deepen the stretch and your body allows and increase the range of movement.
Follow and pause / rewind as you need to.

Move on the chair.

Feeling you need to move on the chair? Just a few movements for you to ease your body from the stiffness?

Here are three movements for you to try.

⏰When you are on the chair for hours on end these three movements can hopefully ease some stiffness.

This is no replacement for activating and strengthening the muscles, working through your full range of movement. Schedule in strengthening sessions to ease your stiffness.

🚶During the day, try to get up and walk at least once for a few minutes per hour - it can be so easy to be sat on the chair for hours on end.

Maybe you can even talk a call on the move and ‘walk and talk’ 📲 Keep moving🚶. Keep strengthening💪. Keep smiling 😁😁😁😁


A few more movements for you to explore. Here is a library of movements to use as and when you would like to. Maybe when you wake up in the morning or maybe before you go to bed.


Let's move our body, activate those muscles and strengthen.

Cans! Cans! Cans!

We all (or most of us) can find two cans in the house! It is not about the added weight but more about adding depth in the movement and it’s always nice to have a prop of some sort! If you have a heavier weight, then you could use these.
Wake your body up with a few movements- you can increase the weight, depth, speed of movement to increase intensity or decrease - listen to your body...
Get the children involved!
60 seconds per exercise. 30 seconds rest in between
1. Reverse Lunge and Pass.
2. Reverse Lunge Jumps and Pass Through (Progression of 1.)
3. Squat Figure of 8
4. Squat Jump Figure of 8 (Progression of 3.)
5. Sit Ups and Pass Through (6. No video but to modify tap knees only)
7. Balance and Pass (modify - you can keep your heels on the floor)
8. Prone Pull and Snow Angel (great for your backs)
9. Arm circles - have a go at 10 circles one way and.10 circles the others way - it will kick in!
10. Wings - again, have a go at 10 of these then rest.
11. Forward, Centre, Raise

The perfect screen break mover!

Perfect for during the TV ads or when you have a spare 5 mins - choose a couple of these exercises.
Toe taps. (Left to Right) You could increase this by high knees or lower it by slowing down.
V Pass. - bend your knees to make it less intense or lengthen your arms and legs to increase. You should feel this in your core - if you feel it in your back then you need to bend you knees more.
Tabletop. - keeping your knees above your hips if you can and slowly extend out and in - don’t let your back take over and bend - you should feel this in your stomach. Squat to cushion tower - have as many cushions as you like! Make it quicker (add in a little jump if you like at the top and slower it down for a controlled squat and hold for a few seconds).
Single leg lift - keeping one foot on the floor - a controlled movement.
Reverse lunge - you can always change the position of the cushion to be next to a chair for more support. Or mix it up to a squat, reverse lunge, squat, reverse lunge - or even try lunge jumps for a further challenge. I
Squat tower - to increased the squat, use less cushions! But stay safe!
Double leg lift - only do this if you feel comfortable to do so.. Have fun 🙂

Grab a cushion - the perfect screen break mover!

You need a cushion as a prop!
45 seconds per exercise - repeat each exercise twice and then move on. This has some similar exercises to the workout above to make it easier for you so it is not all new, new, new!
🌟Toe taps. 6 one way and 6 the other way.
🌟V Pass (bend your knees to make it easier)
🌟Single leg lunge - keep one foot on the cushion and lunge back - weight on the front leg
🌟Ab pull through - we had to practice this 😉
🌟Squat to knees - make sure your knees go on the cushion.
🌟🌟Adapt as you need to and let us know how you get on

Blast, Lunge and Plank

This is a great cheeky mover! Get the blood pumping with this one. You could always take turns - one person completes for 30 seconds and then the other completes (while the first person rests).

1. Squat in and out
2. Mountain climber, plank jack and squat jump
3. Plank twist to open
4. Reverse lunge
5. Burpee to squat jump
Have a go at completing each exercise for 30 seconds and repeat 4 times!