Workout Inspiration

We all need a bit of a boost to get going from time to time with our workouts, so I have a few compilation of workouts for you.

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Make these your own by modifying the movements as you need to. Hope these help! 🙂


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⭐️18s ⭐️

Few movements to kick start the week 🙂 with Justin singing to us as we go!
1. Squat to press
2. Box
3. Reverse lunge to press
4. Swing (only do these if you have been coached how to do these - if not squat).
5. Ab twist
6. Reverse lunge + pass through
7. Side bend
I’ve used a kettlebell and dumbbell but you can adapt to use what you have.
Suggested: 18 reps per exercise of 9 each side -🥳😜
Have fun!   Kirsty 😎🤩😜

Core Movements

I used a can but you could add in weight - I would usually use a dumbbell but they were freezing to hold as it was so cold in the studio! I need to get more neoprene dumbbells!

Modify as you need to.

Enjoy the movement of your body....

Suggested 60 seconds for each exercise, then 45 seconds then 30 seconds - 😘

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Blast 💥 Plank 😍 Lunge

Cheeky combination of movements to get your blood 🩸 pumping and body moving 💦.

😜Have a go at doing each exercise for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest and complete four rounds.

1. Squat in and out

2. Mountain climber, plank jack and squat jump

3. Plank twist to open

4. Reverse lunge

5. Burpee to squat jump

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Plank Combo

All my clients know I love a combination - either to do with getting bored easily, challenging movement of the body or using more than one muscle group at a time - possibly all!
Start in a plank position...
up on to hands in to a front support...
then shoulder tap, hip tap and up to Squat Jump!

Cans! Cans! Cans!

We all (or most of us) can find two cans in the house! It is not about the added weight but more about adding depth in the movement and it’s always nice to have a prop of some sort! If you have a heavier weight, then you could use this but I happened to have two cans hanging about in the gym today!
Wake your body up with a few movements- you can increase the weight, depth, speed of movement to increase intensity or decrease - listen to your body...

Legs Legs Legs

I love these leg exercises - one after the other is a burner though so watch out!

😜Have a go at doing each exercise for 60 seconds with 15 seconds rest and complete four rounds.


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10 exercises. You could always sneak in some pulse raising with 10 burpees or maybe 20 squat jumps in between each exercise...

Grab your sliders - or you could just use socks on a wooden floor, dry tea towels or....I’d love 💗 to know what you can improvise with!

#slidersexercises #homeworkout #fitness #personaltrainer #believeinyourself #maketimeforyou #strongnotskinny #thisgirlcan #move

More sliding about...

Sliders came out to play again! 45 seconds per exercise. 15 seconds rest. Maybe mix up with some pulse raisers (burpees, squat jumps, kettlebell swings...) in between?

Want to join me for workout on Zoom? Check out ‘book in for a session’....

#tier4 #hittlegs #combinationmove #burpees #workout #homeworkout #over40 #fitness #weightlossjourney #strongnotskinny #yesyoucan #thisgirlcan

Mini Bands

Mini Bands are acheap and cheerful addition to your home gym and your body will thank you for it!
If you don’t have much space for at-home workouts, mini bands are going to be a great piece of fitness equipment to invest in. I use the plastic ones and the fabric ones - both for different exercises. Mini bands are super convenient, you can take them anywhere, and they barely weigh anything, Plus, they’re low impact, so they’re great for someone coming back from injury or starting out on their fitness journey.
There are tons of mini-band exercises you can do to make sure you hit every muscle in your body. I have just shared a few here.

#minibandworkout #bandworkout #homegym #glutes #weightlossjourney #hittlegs

#slidersexercises #homeworkout #fitness #personaltrainer #believeinyourself #maketimeforyou #strongnotskinny #thisgirlcan #move

Legs! Let’s move!

Be consistent. Keep moving. Believe in your body and in what you can do.
I had a message asking for a home workout for legs - here you go! You can save this to your videos but clicking the right hand little flag!

1. Squat jump to cross
2. Lunge jump
3. Step out to squat
4. Squat in and out
5. Move and tap squat jump
6. 1/2 burpee to squat
7. Mountain climber to squat

45 secs per exercise. 15 secs rest. You could really blast 💥 this if you wanted to...#calorie burn

(Trying out my new @sweatybetty leggings- 💕 them!)

#hittlegs #homeworkout #fitover40 #bodyweightworkout #bodypositivity #tier3 #smile #cheltenham #personaltrainer #move #movement

I cannot recommend Kirsty enough, she is fab! I started training with her about 2 months ago and am loving the sessions which are well planned, challenging but not overwhelming, and lots of fun. Kirsty is kind, encouraging and very knowledgeable. I was gutted that lockdown kicked in just as I was getting into my groove but Kirsty has been amazing at flipping into online training which actually works really well. Thank you Kirsty, am loving my sessions with you and can’t wait to get back into the gym!

Helen, Dec 2020

I started doing Fitball with Kirsty before the pandemic and have continued with her online classes throughout. I can honestly say they are brilliant. A mix of fun, proper core strength exercise, and relaxation. You chose the level you're comfortable with and as the weeks go on you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll be able to get to the next level. Kirsty is a brilliant leader, I don't know how she's kept smiling through the last eight months but she has and it has helped all of us cope too!

Clara, Nov 2020

I was lucky enough to win a set of personal training sessions in the school Christmas raffle! I have been blown away with the knowledge and attention to detail, I have experienced from Kirsty. There have been so many opportunities that cater for everyone. I have massively enjoyed the zoom sessions and have joined up to the January Reset programme. I have always participated in physical activity but freely admit I hide and I am complacent with what I do. The thing that makes Infinite Balance different is the personalised approach to training! What a fab set up!

Debbie, Dec 2020

I've just completed the 30 Day Reset with kirsty and really glad I did - so much positive support from her and the rest of the lovely group. Have loads of new ideas for recipes and better understand how to manage nutrition, have also lost a few pounds and my skin is amazing! Definitely recommend for a reboot if you've lost your way with your diet and exercise a bit, or even if you haven't!

Julia, Sep 2020

Kirsty is that fabulous balance, inspiring and motivational and down to earth and funny. She manages to challenge me and find the tiny shifts that move me forward. Taking time to adapt to me personally and understanding what is hard or new for my body even during lockdown.
Thank you Kirsty I’m enjoying my fitness journey.
Mel, May 2020

In this crazy world we are living in at the moment Kirsty you are going above and beyond to keep us fit, sane and in touch with lots of the lovely faces I would usually train with and that I miss ... thank you so much .. I know zoom is new to you but you certainly have cracked it !! I look forward to seeing you on zoom and it’s like you are in my front room .. thank you 🙏 xx

Jemma, April 2020

Kirsty is one of the kindest people I know! I was totally lacking confidence in my appearance and my ability when I first started over a year ago. Kirsty listens to your goals, but also gives you the confidence to think you’re beautiful and perfect the way you are through every session! I have never felt more confident than what I do now and I have so many more positive thoughts about myself. My attitude has changed for trying new things and I have never felt stronger or fitter than when I’m in the training room with Kirsty (even though I’m practically crawling to the next activity 🙈). Kirsty helped me with my goals and enabled me to lose 21 pounds for my wedding - although I think Kirsty was just as nervous as me to see if the dress fitted! And it did! Kirsty, you are AMAZING and are such a beautiful person 😘😘

Sarah, Dec 2019