Cardio / Running Intervals (HIIT)

So people have been asking me about how to increase speed/ duration.
Intervals might be your way forward.
In time, when we can, I will set up an Intervals session. BUT in Trainerize, there are lots of intervals sessions in the Cardio - you can use these.
Essentially, our work time is intense and the rest is slow.
⭐️Interval training is going to increase your level of fitness faster than pretty much any other type of running. Giving yourself a breather between segments of fast running allows you to handle more of it, delivering a greater stimulus to your heart, lungs and muscles.⭐️

Try It Out

Starter Intervals

Warm-up: 10-minute easy jog.
Work interval: 1 minute run hard effort
Rest interval: 1 minute at easy pace
Repeat: Repeat work/rest interval 6 more times.
Cool down: 6 minutes easy jogging.

To boost speed for 5k

After a 10-minute warm-up, run 12 x 400m repeats at your 5K pace (if that’s your goal distance), with 30 seconds of easy running in between.

Targeting a 10K?

Do 16 x 400m at 10K pace instead.

The first few reps should feel relatively easy – the second half should be where it gets tougher.

Try a Fartlek Run

The term means ‘speed play’
 in Swedish. After a 10-minute warm-up, choose a landmark between 30 seconds and three minutes ahead.
Run at a comfortably tough pace – you should be able to speak only a word or two at a time – until you reach it.
Jog slowly for the same amount of time to recover.
Repeat for other landmarks for 10-15 minutes before a 10-minute cool-down.

To Boost Endurance

Warm up for 10 minutes, then run half-mile or one mile 
at a comfortably challenging pace (you might be able to speak a few words, but not much more than that).
Recover by jogging for half the time the rep takes.
Start with three miles or six half miles, and increase every two to three weeks until you’re logging five miles
 or 10 half miles of fast running for the interval.

To Build Strength

After a long warm-up – two to four miles – run the following series of sprint repeats as fast as you can without feeling out of control:
3 x 100m,
 3 x 150m, 3 x 100m.
Take two to three minutes of standing or walking rest to recover between each rep.
As you sprint, focus on leaning forward slightly and focus on using your hamstrings and glutes.

What should I do in-between intervals?

What you do between intensive intervals depends on the purpose of your workout

Standing: This alleviates stress and impact between short, fast reps when you’re building speed
 and strength. Avoid dropping your hands to 
your knees, as this could cause light-headedness.

Walking: Newer runners benefit most 
from walking between repeats of at least 400m – it brings your heart rate down but, crucially, keeps blood flowing to clear waste products.

Jogging: It keeps your heart rate elevated, extends the distance of your workout and simulates late-race fatigue. It is good recovery for most workouts carried out at less than all-out effort.

Do you have some interval workouts that you enjoy?

Another good easy one is using lamp posts too - sprint in between lamp posts then jog....or if there are lots of lamp posts then sprint for more than one but make sure you bring in the rest.

Hope this helps?