Infinite Balance Consultancy

Infinite Balance will work with your business to support physical, mental and nutritional well-being in and out of the workplace.

Kirsty can deliver bespoke training to meet to meet the needs of your workplace. There will be an inititial meeting to discuss  your needs for the session and Kirsty will create a workshop / lesson / INSET for your needs. This can be for primary school children or for staff / adults.

Recent training topics have included 'Engaging the Least Active Children', 'Staff Wellbeing', 'Resilience and our Wellbeing', 'Preparation for exams / tests and beyond', 'Y6 Wellbeing Workshop', 'Stretch and Relax' and more.

If you would like someone who is personable, relatable and passionate about wellbeing to come in to your workplace with tips and tricks to understand ourselves and our limits, then contact Kirsty. Sessions can be tailor-made to your workplace.

2-3 hour delivery (including a pre-visit to your work place to ensure the session is tailored to your needs) - from £200

After the sessions, participants were asked what changes they will endeavour to make to their lifestyle from the workshop.

From this workshop, I will now:

  • Make sure I take time out in the day.
  • Plan my meals ahead of the week with consideration of a healthy, balanced meal.
  • Try out the relaxation apps.
  • Set myself an exercise goal and share this with my family.
  • Organise a staff rounders / football / netball team to play against other schools.
  • Take more consideration about my own mental and physical health.
  • I really enjoyed the stretch and relaxation session - this is something I can do at home.
  • Talking to people about my feelings instead of powering through.
  • Prioritise my own mental wellbeing to reduce my own stress.